09 May 2006


M and I went on an outing today to a farm. Nothing spectacular, just lots of goats, rabbits, sheep and pigs etc to stroke, a few mini tractors to pedal around on, a bouncy castle (every farm should have one), that sort of thing. But it struck me that it was rather a milestone - it was the first place I'd been to that was specifically for kids. And I hated it. It's the whole dumbing down thing, even to the fact that the cafe served "children's meals" (essentially beans, chips and fishfingers) rather than just small portions of normal food. The interpretation boards were patronising and kiddified, and the whole place was packed with 4-year-olds which really didn't help. Shame, because the goats were lovely, and enjoyed sniffing M's trousers (to much leg-waving excitement).

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