23 February 2006

The perfect finish

No 7 Stay Perfect Pink a Dink
No 7 Stay Perfect Chiffon
No 7 Stay Perfect Rose Truffle
No 7 Stay Perfect Pearly Pink
No 7 Stay Perfect Elixir
Bourjois Very Vernis Rose Lounge
Botanics Elderberry
NYC Passionata

As every yummy mummy knows, it's important to have a wide range of nail varnish, preferably with ridiculous names (I especially like Pink a Dink). Unfortunately, I've not had time to put any on for months (see yesterday), and in any case I suspect the endless washing up would play havoc with the finish. Darn. Will have to find some other way to boost YM credentials.

1 comment:

Pashmina said...

Pink-a-Dink is a lovely shade, and No. 7 seem to have done it for ever. Mind you, I'm not sure that's still true now that it's all "New No 7"

I think about 90% of my nail colours are No.7, actually - and about 90% of those are probably pink. I believe I have Rose Truffle as well..